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Admissions Policy

The Principal assesses each case on merit but here are our guidelines:

  • Saol Christian School will not discriminate in its admission of a student to the school on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, religion, race, disability or special needs.

  • Children with special needs: Saol Christian School is a small private school with limited resources compared to the public schools and other larger private schools.  Public schools receive additional funding for students with special needs and hire specialised staff to serve their unique needs.  Saol Christian School does admit students with special needs when we believe that we can truly serve and educate them.  The needs of the child should always be prioritised. 

  • Children must be at least 4 years old (if enrolling in Junior Infants) or 5 years old (if enrolling in Senior Infants) before 1st August of the year that they intend to start school. No exceptions will be made.  We believe that children must be ready to start with us not just physically, but also emotionally.  Maturity levels, rather than age, play a huge part in the success of our young students as they embark on the journey of learning to read and write, and ultimately learning to work independently.  We ask that prospective parents would not be tempted to view our infants classes as a “childcare facility”, but rather as an educational institution which puts a high demand on our students of all ages.  As our school currently runs on minimal staffing, we can only run our Junior and Senior Infants classes on alternating years which means that any child who may struggle with mastering concepts in a school year will be unable to repeat the course the following year and instead will be required to advance to the next Learning Centre.  A child that is not ready to do this may find that they struggle in a more challenging atmosphere and with the extra responsibilities put upon them.  This is unfair to both the child and the other students in that Learning Centre as the Supervisor’s attention will be demanded by a student who needs more help. A checklist for children enrolling in our infants classes will be discussed at the initial admissions interview.  Failure to satisfy the requirements on this checklist will result in the application being refused for the current school year and will be held on file until the following school year.

  • Though parents/guardians are not required to affirm our Statement of Faith, the parents/guardians at Saol Christian School must have a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching of the school’s Statement of Faith within the school curriculum.​

  • Acceptance of any child at Saol Christian School is the decision of the school Board of Management and faculty, based on compatibility of school, parents, and child. Admission and re-enrolment in the school is a privilege and not a right. We want your child to be enrolled in the school that is best able to educate him or her.

  • Prospective parents must carefully read all information regarding enrolment available on our website, and follow each step of the application process.

  • In any given year where the number of applicants exceeds the number of student places for that particular year, the selection process will be as follows:

  • Priority will be given to siblings of current students.

  • Only applications which have been completed, including payment of enrolment fee, before the 1st June of the year of commencement will be considered.

  • When the above conditions have been satisfied and there are still an excess of applicants, and when it has been confirmed that absolutely no additional student places can be created, it will fall to a first-come first-served basis.

  • Unsuccessful applications will be prioritised for the following school year.

  • A student’s place is not confirmed until all application documentation has been submitted, the parents have been informed of acceptance via written letter, the monthly student fees standing order has been put in place, and the enrolment fee has been paid in full.  This fee enables the school to purchase additional furniture and equipment needed for that student. ​

  • Parents of children transferring from a state school must agree to have them undergo diagnostic testing at least two months prior to commencing in Saol Christian School.  Children transferring from another school using Accelerated Christian Education will continue on in PACE number sequence but may be subject to diagnostic testing if deemed necessary by the Principal at a later date within the first school year.

  • Applications must be finalised by 1st June of the year that the child intends to commence school with us. 

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