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Check out the rest of our website and then come back here to begin enrolment

When you are ready to begin, just follow the steps below. 


Complete Enrolment Form

The very first step to enrolment is reading our "admissions policy" and then submitting an enrolment form for your child.  Click the button below to access the form.  When we receive your application we will then reach out to you to discuss place availability etc.


Initial Interview

This interview will be arranged between the school principal and both parents and child.  Here we can answer all questions that you may have regarding our learning system and school.


Diagnostic Testing

An appointment for diagnostic testing will be arranged.  Diagnostic testing will take place for students who are transferring from a school which does not use the A.C.E. program.  This ensures accurate placement in our curriculum.  No testing is required for children who will start in our Infants classes.

The fee of €150 per child is payable at this point of the process.  The receipt of this payment is confirmation to the school that your child will be starting with us. We will then proceed to order the necessary supplies and curriculum for your child.  You will then be given access to the parents section of the website and added into our school Whatsapp group where you will get all updates and information needed throughout the school year.

Annual Tuition Fees

Child 1


Child 2


Child 3


Child 4+

No fee

Important to note

Fees may be paid over 12 monthly instalments. The first instalment is due on the 1st August and the final instalment due on the 1st July.


We often have donations given to the school for relief of costs for families who may find it difficult to pay student fees.  This will be discussed at the interview stage.

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